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January 12, 2017

Our partners Uform

uform Ebanisti northern ireland

uform ebanisti cabinet makers northern ireland

Over the years and through the recession, Ebanisti realised that not everyone has the budget for bespoke handmade

kitchen furniture, and not everyone wants a kitchen for 40+ years anymore, that a disposable kitchen means trends can be followed!

We started to think and brain storm,”how could we make ourselves more affordable to prospective clients?”

We searched far and wide for a solution that would both make our clients happy and also not lower our exceptional high standards of woodcraft and customer service.

This is when we came across a fantastic company that is making big steps in the kitchen world!! Award winning Uforms product are second to none and they are leaders in high end manufacture and design of the latest trends and fashions.

If our handmade bespoke furniture is out of budget we show the client how we can obtain the same look incorporating our partners uform!! i.e.: by using their doors instead of ours, using their cornice, plinth etc! Therefore achieving a higher end  kitchen for a lower price.

ebanisti northern ireland

What makes us different to other retailers of Uform is that we incorporate it into our designs, rather than using off the shelf kitchens. You can still have your bespoke handmade cooker mantle and your smart storage solution internals for your trays and spices. If you want birch plywood cabinets or painted interiors the choice is yours. We do however continue to maintain our high quality aspects of kitchen manufacturing, good quality drawers full birch plywood plinth is a must, no plastic feet here at Ebanisti. Its our team of cabinet makers that see your project the whole way through to ensure the highest standard possible in every area.

Why not have a look at their website and if your are interested in a design or have any questions please don’t hesitate to give Ebanisti a call!!

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